Public Health Grants Manager, specializing in family planning

Job description

Who we are

We’re a multidisciplinary team working together to research and fund strategic leverage points in the fight against climate change. On paper, ours is a medium-sized family foundation that makes grants and investments to its portfolio, ranging from angel investments to impact investments to progressive political contributions to philanthropic grants. We’re a distributed team, and we come together online to debate the best approaches to making the world a better place. Whether it’s debating the merits of capitalism, negotiating a political vs private investment approach, or discussing new ways to bring more diverse voices into decision making, we often find ourselves far more critical of philanthropy than perhaps would seem the norm. But we like it that way, and we’re looking to add several more voices to the team this year.

Who we’re looking for

someone who can balance two areas of work. First, we need someone to coordinate all of our grant operations (approx. 50 grants per year) and help our team members get grants out the door. This work will involve crafting award letters, communicating with grant partners, tracking the budget, and working with the founding family’s financial team. It demands strong organizational skills and excellence in written and verbal communication. Second, we need someone with demonstrated experience working in the field of sexual and reproductive health who wants to oversee and continue building the current portfolio, which is focused on increasing access to contraception and abortion. Helping women realize their individual rights to have the number of children they desire benefits both their communities and the environment. Through our Public Health program, we focus on increasing access to voluntary family planning in emerging economies and in the Global North. This coming year, our team hopes to begin a focus on domestic policy investments that will increase women’s access to family planning, and we’re hoping to find someone with interest in both domestic and international public health.

What We're Reading

These articles have been particularly stimulating in our discussions as we craft our approach for 2021:


We hope you will love this job because you know that every day your contributions will be felt by our team and pushed out into the world. You will have decision-making power, as opposed to being stuck somewhere deep inside an org chart. We also recognize that more traditional forms of compensation matter as well. To that end, we offer a competitive starting salary range of $90K-$120K annually commensurate with experience and with significant growth potential subject to bi-annual reviews. We also offer excellent health coverage, generous PTO, fully remote work opportunities, and all of the lively debate about how the world works and the best way to make change that you can handle.

Job requirements

You are passionate about the under-appreciated contribution that voluntary access to family planning can make to a comprehensive, global climate change action plan. Advanced degree in public health and comfort using STATA or other statistical software are a bonus, but not required. Minimum two years work in philanthropy or the nonprofit world required, with demonstrated familiarity with family planning funding landscape. The ideal candidate will have experience in one of the following areas:

  • knowledge of U.S. federal policy regarding family planning
  • familiarity with international population, health, and environment programs
  • French language ability

Some other things to know

In addition to our family planning portfolio, we invest heavily in climate and support progressive politics, social justice, and movement building, at both the domestic and international levels. Our office is in San Francisco, but you are welcome to work from anywhere, as long as you can attend our afternoon Zoom meetings. We highly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply. Finally, please know that we’re a small shop, and we’re just at the beginning of our journey. We will deeply value your insight and expertise to help us build a great place to work. This is a full time position.