Part-time Grant Administrator

Job description

Who we are: We’re a multidisciplinary team working together to research and fund strategic leverage points in the fight against climate change. On paper, ours is a medium-sized family foundation that makes grants and investments to its portfolio, ranging from angel investments to impact investments to progressive political contributions to philanthropic grants. We’re a distributed team, and we come together online to debate the best approaches to making the world a better place. Whether it’s debating the merits of capitalism, negotiating a political vs private investment approach, or discussing new ways to bring more diverse voices into decision making, we often find ourselves far more critical of philanthropy than perhaps would seem the norm. But we like it that way, and we’ve added several more voices to the team this year.

Who we’re looking for: Someone to coordinate grant operations and travel, approximately 10-15 hours per week, with options for growth. The grant making work will involve crafting award letters, communicating with grant partners, tracking the budget, and working with the founding family’s financial team. You will be the administrative point person for the Bay Area Fund, our work on refugees, racial justice, for-profit investments, and other gifts throughout the year (approx. 20 grants). We currently have other team members working on the specific climate, public health, and politics portfolios. Once travel starts again in the post-COVID world, this role will also involve booking conferences, hotels, and flights for team members. This position demands strong organizational skills and excellence in written and verbal communication.

Job requirements

Please apply if: You have strong attention-to-detail and are able to manage confidential documents. We’re looking for someone who communicates effectively and will represent our organization professionally to external stakeholders. Clear writing and verbal communication skills are essential. We require at least 2 years of grant management experience for this position. The ability to easily navigate various kinds of software (e.g. Google Drive, AirTable, and Notion) and quickly learn new tools would be assets in this role, but are not required. In addition to the qualifications related to day-to-day duties of the position, the ideal candidate will be passionate about the work we’re doing and eager to contribute to our weekly discussions.

Some other things to know: While we’re focused on growing our climate portfolio, we also invest heavily in public health, especially family planning. We also support progressive politics and movement building, at both the domestic and international levels. Our office is in San Francisco, but you are welcome to work from anywhere, as long as you can attend Zoom meetings. This is intended to be an adaptive role, with flexible hours and schedule. Women, people of color, and LGBTQI candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. As the workload of the grant administrator waxes and wanes throughout the year, this is a part-time position, paid hourly. Finally, please know that we’re a small shop, and we’re just at the beginning of our journey. We will deeply value your insight and expertise to help us build a great place to work.